Austrian philologist; born Feb. 4, 1854, at Herman-Mestec, Bohemia; son of Moses Bloch, president of the Jewish Theological Seminary in Budapest. He received his education at the gymnasium at Teschen, Silesia, and at the University of Vienna, whence he was graduated as doctor of philosophy in 1878. In 1881 he was appointed professor of history and classical philology at the Jewish Theological Seminary in Budapest, where he has since lived.

Bloch is the author of: "Die Quellen des Flavius Josephus in Seiner Archaeologie," Leipsic, 1879, and is a contributor to many European newspapers and journals; e.g., "Mittheilungen aus der Historischen Litteratur," Berlin, vols. xi.-xxx., 1883-1901 (historical essays); "Vom Fels zum Meer," Stuttgart; "Le Moyen Age," Paris; "Allgemeine Zeitung" of Munich, 1884-96; "Frankfurter Zeitung," 1884-1901; "Pester Lloyd," 1885-1901; "Vienna Fremdenblatt," 1894-99; "Breslauer Zeitung"; "Jüdisches Litteraturblatt"; "Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums"; "Magyar Zsidó Szemle"; "Evkönejo," etc.

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