The first rabbi of the congregation of Budapest; died 1818. In 1787 the Jewish community at Pest was sufficiently large to rent a hall where divine services could be held, though all religious questions were at this time still submitted to Moses Münz in Buda. As Pest and Buda were not, however, at that time connected by a bridge, and as it became rather irksome, more particularly during the winter, to cross the river to Buda whenever the rabbi there had to be consulted, the announcement that Boskovitz, who was well known as a Talmudist, was to settle in Pest in 1793 as rabbi was eagerly welcomed by the Jewish community of that city. But as Moses Münz vigorously objected to the arrangement, Boskovitz was compelled to leave Budapest in 1796. He also left Hungary, but returned in 1809 to Bonyhád, acting as rabbi there until his death. Boskovitz, who enjoyed great popularity as a rabbi, was the author of the following works, all of which were published posthumously: "Seder Mishnah" (on Maimonides, Yad ha-Ḥazaḳah); "Ma'amar Esther" (sermons); and "Notes on the Talmud" (published in the Vienna edition of the Talmud, 1830). Compare also "Oẓar ha-Sifrut," part 2, iii. 22.

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