BOULÉ (, plural and ; Greek, βουλή = "council"):

Court of justice, or Sanhedrin; also the seat of the senate (Josephus, "B. J." v. 4, § 2; hence also , βουλευτής = "senator"; Giṭ. 37a; Sem. viii., "the boulés or senates of Judea"). According to Yer. Ned. iii. 2; Shab. iii. 8; Pesiḳ. R. xli.; Ab. R. N. xx. (ed. Schechter, p. 72), there were twenty-four boulés in the south of Judea, which passed out of existence on account of the general disregard of the sanctity of the oath. Compare Sanhedrin and Prosbul.

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