Often mentioned in the Book of Jubilees as a mansion of great importance, said to have been built on the height of Hebron by Abraham, who bequeathed it to Jacob, his grandson (xxii. 24; xxix. 16, 19; xxxvi. 12-20; xxxvii. 14; xxxviii. 4, 8).

A midrashic fragment at the close of Masseket Soferim IX. mentions an iron citadel built by Abraham, of such a height that the sun's rays could not penetrate it: it received its light from a disk made of precious stones. Abraham gave it to the sons of Keturah, and when at the last days sun and moon shall pale before the full light of God's glory, this tower will be opened in order to shelter God's own.

  • J. Müller, Masseket Soferim, 1878, p. 301.
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