German chemist; born at Trebnitz, Prussian Silesia, June 19, 1856. He received his education at the universities of Leipsic, Heidelberg, and Breslau, graduating with the degree of doctor of philosophy. In 1880 he was appointed judicial and police chemist in Lissa, Prussia, and in 1882 chief of the experimental bureau of the board of health in Brandenburg-on-the-Havel. Four years later he was called to Berlin to fill the same position on the board of health of the German capital, which he holds at present (1902).

Breslauer has written many essays and reports in the professional journals of Germany. Among his works may be mentioned: "Einfache Methoden zur Trinkwasser-Untersuchung," 1884; "Chemische Untersuchung der Luft für Hygienische Zweche," 1885; "Die Anwendung des Lactodensimeters zur Milchkontrolle," 1886; "Practische Anleitung zur Untersuchung der Frauenmilch," 1892; and "Chemische Beschaffenheit der Luft in Charlottenburg und Berlin," 1894.

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