Professor of the German language and German literature at King's College, London; born in Moravia1828; died at London June 4, 1900. He was educated at the University of Vienna, whence he received the degree of Ph.D.; settled in Paris; but after 1852 removed to London, where he lived till his death. In 1863 Buchheim became professor in King's College. He was also examiner in German to the universities of London (1875-90), Oxford, and Cambridge, and at one time was German tutor to the children of the Prince of Wales (afterward King Edward VII.).

Buchheim was the author of several critical works on German writers. He translated several of Dickens's novels into German, and published, through the Clarendon Press, annotated editions of a large number of German classics. In the "Golden Treasury Series" he published the popular "Deutsche Lyrik," 1875; "Balladen und Romanzen," 1891; and Heine's "Lieder und Gedichte," 1897. Of a more scholarly nature is his work "First Principles of the Reformation," which he published, conjointly with the Rev. Dr. Wace, in 1883.

In recognition of his learning and services the University of Oxford in 1898 bestowed on Buchheim the honorary degree of M.A.

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