BUCHBINDER, BERNHARD (pen-name, Gustav Klinger):

Austrian journalist; born July 6, 1854, in Budapest, where he received his education, being destined for a mercantile career. A one-act comedy, which he wrote after he left school, and which was played successfully in Budapest, decided his future. Both of his parents having died when he was very young, and his father having been but a poor pedler, Buchbinder had to care for his younger brothers and sisters. Under great hardships and privations he adopted the profession of journalist and became very successful as a novelist and dramatic writer.

Among his numerous works may be mentioned the novels, "Vergessen im Armenhause," 1882; "Väter und Söhne," 1885; "Bettelstudent," 1886; "Freimann," 1891; "Eine Wiener Theaterprinzessin," 1894, and the dramas "Herrgotts Mörder," "Vater Deák," "Wer Ist der Herr im Hause," "Gräfin von der Strasse," "Die Flüchtlinge," "Heirat auf Probe," "Heiratsschwindler," "Der Schmetterling," "Göttin der Vernunft," "Verlogenes Volk," "Leute von Heute," "Die Diva," Rother Schnabel," "Die Dritte Eskadron," "Grubers Nachfolger," and "Er und Seine Schwester."

S. F. T. H.
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