German rabbi; born Oct. 2, 1837; died in Emden, Hanover, Sept. 20, 1892. He became rabbi of Märkisch-Friedland in 1863, where he remained till 1867, in which year he was called to the rabbinate of Stargard, Pomerania. In 1875 he became chief rabbi of Friesland, which position he filled with ability and distinction until his death. He was a good Talmudical scholar and well versed in modern philosophy.

Buchholz was the author of a small work on the legal and moral relations of the family according to Jewish law, "Die Familie in Rechtlicher und Moralischer Beziehung nach Mosaisch-Talmudischer Lehre" (Breslau, 1867); and some of his more important speeches and lectures were published by him or by his friends. He has also written a number of articles on historical and other scientific subjects in the Jewish periodicals of Germany, of which his "Historischer Ueberblick über die Mannigfachen Codificationen des Halachastoffes" ("Monatsschrift," 1864, pp. 201-241) and "R. Azaria Figo und Seine Predigtsammlung Binah la-'Ittim" (Beilage zur "Isr. Wochenschrift," 1872, Nos. 4-9) are probably the most important.

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