Teacher at Metz at the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth. He devoted himself to Hebrew grammar and literature and trained a large number of grammarians and writers of elegant Hebrew. Büdinger was the author of the following works, all published at Metz: "Em le-Mikra" (Mother of Reading), a manual of the Hebrew language, compiled from various elementary books, 1816;" "Ḥanok le-Na'ar" (Train up the Child), an extract of the preceding work, 1816; "Iggeret Purim" (Essay on Purim), the ritual laws concerning the Feast of Purim, together with the roll of Esther, 1816; "Maḥzor," a commentary on the festival prayers, together with the text and a German translation by Prosper d'Alsace, in 9 vols., 1817; "Derush le-Bar Miẓwah" (Lecture for a Confirmee), with a German translation by Prosper d'Alsace, 1819, "Seliḥot," a commentary on the penitential prayers, together with the text, 1822.

In addition, Büdinger reedited the ethical work of Isaac Aboab, "Menorah ha-Maor," with the Hebrew commentary, "Nefesh Yehudah," and aJudæo-German translation by Moses Frankfurter, Metz, 1769.

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