Town in Prussia, province of Posen, which, after the second partition of Poland, in 1793, passed under Prussian rule. Jews then began to settle in the place, which, as an old episcopal town, had hitherto excluded them. By 1820 many Jews were living there. The Ḥebrah Ḳaddishah Gomle Ḥasidim, an association for nursing and burial which is still flourishing, was founded in that year. The synagogue was built in 1846-47.

The year 1848 was disastrous to the Jews of Buk. Their synagogue was almost completely demolished during an uprising of the Poles, and several Jews were killed. After order was restored, the synagogue was renovated, and in 1894 it was entirely rebuilt.

At present (1902) there are about 250 Jews in Buk.

D. M. L. B.
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