BÜRGER, THEODOR (pen-name of Daniel Pillitz):

Rabbi and preacher in Szegedin, Hungary, 1843-47. Two years after entering upon his office he published a book, "Der Talmud und die Perfectibilität des Mosaismus vom Standpunkte der Reform," in which he completely denied the authority of the Talmud. The theme of this work caused some sensation. In spite of the pen-name the authorship was at once traced to him, and he was forced to resign his office of rabbi. He left his congregation and retired to private life, after first holding memorial services for Archduke Joseph Feb. 7, 1847. In 1849 he published a prayer-book, "Andachtsstunden für Israeliten Beiderlei Geschlechtes."

  • Immanuel Löw and Sig. Kulinyi, A Szgedi Zsidók, p. 168.
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