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Prominent Italian family, the members of which when settling at Rome called themselves after their native place, Buzecchio, in the province Forli. Traces of the family may be found as far back as the thirteenth century. A synagogue built by members of a family of this name existed as early as 1240. By the end of the fourteenth century the name had disappeared and had become incorporated with that of Anaw, of which family the Bozecchis were an offshoot. Four members of this family deserve mention:

1. Benjamin ben Judah:

Exegete, grammarian, and philosopher; born at Rome about 1295; died there about 1335. He was the disciple of Joab ben Benjamin ben Solomon. Although his activity lay in the fields of exegesis and grammar, the poet Immanuel of Rome represents him as an accomplished scientist and philosopher. He was the author of the following works: (1) a commentary on Chronicles and Proverbs, still extant in manuscript (Codex de Rossi, 3081, 691, 7283; Paris, 2143; Oxford, 2212, 3641, 7143), in which he endeavors to avoid all haggadic explanations, condemning them and adhering to the literal interpretation based upon grammar and lexicography (he frequently quotes Ibn Gannaḥ, Ibn Ezra, and Ḳimḥi, who served him as models); (2) a supplement to Isaiah Trani's unfinished commentary on Kings (Codex Angel 1); (3) glosses to the greater part of the Bible (compare Berliner, in "Hebr. Bibl." xiv. 69); (4) "Mebo," an introduction to a Hebrew grammar which, published with Ḳimḥi's "Mohalak," Pesaro, 1560, enjoyed great success, and was often reprinted.

2. Judah ben Benjamin:

Physician, probably son of the former; lived at Rome in the fourteenth century. He was the friend of Immanuel, who praises him in his "Maḥberot" (xxii. 94).

3. Menahem:

Probably an uncle of Benjamin; mentioned by the latter in the glosses to Isa. xxxiii.

4. Shabbethai ben Menahem:

Praised, together with his father, by Immanuel (l.c. xxviii.).

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