German physician; born at Worms April 11, 1858. After completing his course at the gymnasium, he studied medicine at the University of Strasburg, graduating thence in 1881. He was assistant physician at the hospital of the university from 1882 to 1885, becoming privatdocent in the latter year, and assistant professor in 1895.

Cahn has written many articles in the medical journals, his specialty being the physiology of digestion. Among his works and essays are: "Ueber Antiperistaltische Magen-Bewegungen"; "Ueber Magen-Verdauung bei Chlorhunger"; "Ueber Magensäure bei Acuter Phosphorvergiftung"; "Ueber die Verdauung des Fleisches im Normalen Magen"; "Ueber die Peptone als Nahrungsmittel."

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