A city mentioned in the long list of the contributors to Tyrian greatness and commercial power (Ezek. xxvii. 23). The name occurs in no other passage. Cornill takes it to be the "Calneh" of Amos vi. 2; and one manuscript has that reading, which would, however, rather give the "Calneh" of Gen. x. 10. According to Kiepert, it was Καιναί, a city on the Tigris. Mez ("Gesch. der Stadt Harran," 1892, p. 33), indorsed by Cheyne ("Encyc. Bibl." i. 648), proposes to emend the name to "B'nai Eden"; but, as Bertholet ("Kurzer Hand-Commentar," on Ezekiel) remarks, it would be extraordinary indeed for such a familiar word as "B'nai" to be corrupted into a form like "Canneh."

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