ḤAYYIM, AARON IBN (the Younger):

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Rabbi at Hebron, later at Smyrna; grandson of Aaron ben Abraham ibn Ḥayyim, author of the "Ḳorban Aharon." He was one of the victims of the earthquake which occurred in Smyrna in July, 1688. Considered one of the most prominent Talmudists of his time, he was consulted on ritual questions, and his decisions are quoted by Mordecai ha-Levi (in the "Darke No'am"), by Abraham Amigo, by Solomon ben Benjamin ha-Levi (in "Leb Shelomoh"), by Benveniste (in the "Keneset ha-Gedolah"), and by many other of his contemporaries. According to Azulai, Ibn Ḥayyim was the author of a commentary on "'En Ya'aḳob," which is, however, no longer in existence.

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