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Italian convert to Christianity, and translator; flourished between 1262 and 1269. He translated Rabbi Joel's Hebrew version of "Kalilah wa-Dimnah" into Latin under the title "Directorium Vite Humane"; and his translation was the source from which that work became so widely spread in almost all European tongues (see Jacobs, "Fables of Bidpai," Table of Versions, 1887). It was edited by Joseph Derenbourg (Paris, 1887). John of Capua translated also Maimonides' "Dietary" (Steinschneider, "Hebr. Bibl." xi. 76), and Ibn Zuhr's (Avenzoar's) "Al-Taisir," on diseases.

  • Steinschneider, Hebr. Uebers. pp. 748, 772, 875.
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