Dutch Talmudist and prominent communal worker; born in Amsterdam, Holland, May 21, 1808; died there April 11, 1890. He was sent at an early age to the celebrated bet ha-midrash 'Eẓ Ḥayyim, studied under Rabbi Berenstein at The Hague, and received his diploma of "Morenu" in 1839. The same year he was appointed ab bet din of the Portuguese synagogue of Amsterdam, and in 1852 ab bet din and preacher of that synagogue, Chumaceiro being made ḥakam, and Vaz Diaz and Montezinos dayyanim at the same time. He became dean of the intermediate classes of 'Eẓ Ḥayyim, which office he held for nearly half a century. Cardozo was founder of the Ḥebrah 'Abodat ha-Ḳodesh, instituted for the study of Jewish law and its commentaries. After having been decorated by the king of Holland with the Royal Order of the Lion for services rendered to his country, he retired from his various offices in 1888.

J. J. H. M. C.
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