1. A son of Reuben who came to Egypt with Jacob (Gen. xlvi. 9; Ex. vi. 14; I Chron. v. 3). Also the name of a family of which Carmi was the head (Num. xxvi. 6). 2. A Judahite (I Chron. ii. 6), son of Zabdi, according to Josh. vii. 1, and father of Achan, who is called "Achar" in I Chron. ii. 7. The latter name being, perhaps, related etymologically to ('oker), "the troubler." 3. In I Chron. iv. 1 Carmi is a misreading for Chelubai (see Benzinger, "Die Bücher der Chronik Erklärt," Tübingen, 1901).

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