Moroccan educator and writer; born at Tetuan in 1851. Sent to Paris in his early youth, he was educated by the Alliance Israélite Universelle, and at the age of eighteen was commissioned to establish and direct several primary schools in the East; namely, at Volo in Thessaly (1869), at Smyrna (1873), and at Tunis (1878-93). In each of these places he took part also in the organization of the communities. At Tunis especially the official organization of Judaism by the government of the French protectorate was his work. Since 1893 he has been in Buenos Ayres, Argentine Republic, serving as a member of the administrative committee of the colonization fund founded by the Baron Maurice de Hirsch under the name of the Jewish Colonization Association.

In 1878 Cazès was appointed an officer of the Order of Nishan Iftikhar of Tunis; and the French government in 1886 awarded him academic laurels, and in 1889 the rosette of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor.

Cazès is the author of the following works: "Essai sur l'Histoire des Israélites de Tunisie," Paris, 1889; "Notes Bibliographiques sur la Littérature Juives-Tunisienne," Tunis, 1893, giving an exact picture of the literary life of the Jews of Tunis. He has also contributed a large number of articles to the "Revue des Etudes Juives" and other Jewish periodicals.

S. M. Fr.Cedars of Lebanon.(From a photograph by Bonfils.)
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