• 1. Name of the brook Kidron as given in John xviii. 1. Near the stream was the garden in which Jesus was taken by the officials after he had been betrayed by Judas (see Kidron).
  • 2. A place mentioned in connection with Jamnia (the "Jabneh" of II Chron. xxvi. 6) and fortified by Cendebeus at the command of Antiochus (I Macc. xv. 39). From Cedron as a base, Cendebeus began to ravage Judea. According to the account of Josephus ("Ant." xiii. 7, § 3), Simon Maccabeus, although at this time quite old, himself led the attack and drove back Cendebeus; but, according to I Macc. xv. 39-41, xvi. 9, Simon delegated the command to his sons Judas and John. Judas was wounded, but John continued the pursuit to Cedron and thence to Azotus (Ashdod). Cedron is perhaps the same as Gederoth (Josh. xv. 41; II Chron. xxviii. 18), and to be identified with the modern Ḳaṭra, three and one-half miles southwest of Ekron, the modern'Aḳir.
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