Convert to Judaism; born June 21, 1834; died at Roxborough Castle, Moy, County Tyrone, Ireland, May 31, 1882. She was the only daughter of William Meredyth, first Lord Athlumney, and married Dec., 1856, James Molyneux, third earl of Charlemont. Although a Christian by training, she became a regular attendant at synagogue worship, often seeking advice in spiritual matters from Jewish rabbis. Lady Charlemont resided in the country near Belfast, the synagogue of which town she frequently attended; while in London she worshiped at the services of the Bayswater and Central synagogues. She was a woman of varied accomplishments, an excellent linguist, and a good musician; and possessed a remarkable gift for recitation, which she utilized on behalf of charitable institutions.

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J. G. L.
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