Town in the government of Mohilev, Russia, with a population (in 1898) of 2,819, including 1,692 Jews. The latter are principally engaged in commerce, but 323 follow various handicrafts. Of these 158 own shops, 60 are wage-workers, and 105 are apprentices. Shoemaking is the predominant industry, 120 persons being engaged in it. There are, besides, 31 day-laborers. The charitable organizations consist of a Gemilut Ḥasadim, a Leḥem, Ebyonim and a Biḳḳur Ḥolim. Over 40 families apply yearly for aid for the Passover holidays. The educational institutions include an elementary government school with 80 pupils, 15 being Jews, and 15 ḥadarim, with 140 scholars. When the uprising under Bogdan Chmielnicki broke out in 1648, Chechersk was taken by the Cossacks, who massacred all the Jews there.

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