Hungarian deputy; grandson of Aaron Chorin; born at Arad May 11, 1842. He studied law at Arad, Budapest, and Vienna, and began practise in his native city, where he soon became vice-president of the bar association. He was elected in 1870 as representative of the city of Arad to the Hungarian Parliament, of which he was a member continuously for twenty-one years. He is recognized as one of the leading orators and jurists of the country. The Exchange Law of 1876 is entirely his work. For many years he agitated for the modification of Hungarian criminal procedure in accordance with the more liberal English laws. His efforts culminated in success when, in 1896, he was appointed to draft and report upon this bill, which was subsequently passed by the House. In Parliament he had often the opportunity of defending his coreligionists, and contributed largely to the eradication of anti-Jewish prejudice. In 1881 he became director of the coal-mining company of Salgótarján; since then he has devoted himself to labor questions. The city of Szatmár, which he represented in the Hungarian Parliament from 1895 to 1901, elected him an honorary citizen in 1902, in recognition of his public services.

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