German mineralogist; born at Aakjaer, near Horsens, Jutland, Oct. 12, 1842. He studied at the universities of Heidelberg and Berlin, and from 1867 to 1869 was assistant at the mineralogical institute of the former seat of learning. In 1871 he was appointed privatdocent, but resigned the position early the next year, when he went to South Africa on a tour of geological and mineralogical research. Cohen visited the Vaal River diamond-diggings and the newly discovered mines in that part of Griqualand West now known as Kimberley. Thence he went north to the Lydenburg district, emerging eventually at Delagoa Bay. This trip consumed a year; and on his return to Germany he published "Bemerkungen zur Routenkarte von Lydenburg nach den Goldfeldernund nach Delagoa Bai" (1875). In 1878 Cohen was appointed assistant professor of petrography at Strasburg and a member of the geological commission of Alsace-Lorraine. Seven years later he became professor at Greifswald.

Cohen is the author of "Die zur Dyas Gehörigen Gesteine des Südlichen Odenwaldes," 1871; "Geognostische Beschreibung der Umgegend von Heidelberg," 1874-81; "Mikrophotographien," 1880-1884; "Zusammenstellung Petrographischer Untersuchungsmethoden," 3d ed., 1896; "Structur und Zusammensetzung der Meteoreisen," 1886-87; "Meteoreisenkunde," I., 1894. Cohen published in addition over one hundred essays in various scientific magazines of Germany and other countries.

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