Judge of the supreme court of New South Wales; born at PortMacquarie Dec., 1840. After receiving an ordinary education he served as clerk in 1856; then entered business at Bathurst, but went to London in 1868, where he commenced the study of law, and was admitted to the bar in 1871. Returning to New South Wales, he distinguished himself in the practise of the law, and was on several occasions employed as crown prosecutor. At the general election of 1874 he was returned for West Maitland, and reelected in 1877. Following close upon the general election, he received, on the formation of the Farnell government, the appointment of colonial treasurer. With the coming into power of the Stuart administration, he was called to fill the office of minister of justice; but on the retirement of that government and the dissolution of Parliament in 1885, he retired from politics and devoted himself entirely to the practise of his profession. Cohen was appointed judge of the supreme court in 1896, being the first Jew in New South Wales thus honored (with the exception of Sir Julian Solomon, who resigned the position within a few days of his appointment), and the only Jew holding such office throughout the British dominions. Cohen has for years closely identified himself with Jewish religious and charitable institutions.

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J. G. L.
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