One of the denominational congresses of the World's Parliament of Religions, held at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Ill., 1893. It was the first delegate body of Jewish women ever called together. There were present 93 delegates from 29 cities of the United States. The congress was organized by (Mrs. Henry) Hannah G. Solomon, chairman, assisted by Miss Sadie American, secretary, and a committee of 25 other Chicago women. Its sessions were bold Sept. 4-7, inclusive. Papers were presented setting forth the work and thought of Jewish women in philanthropy and religion. At the final session a resolution was adopted calling for the formation of a permanent organization of Jewish women, to be called the "National Council of Jewish Women" (see Council of Jewish Women). As a souvenir of the congress, there was issued a "Collection of Traditional Jewish Melodies," arranged and edited by the cantors William Sparger of New York and Alois Kaiser of Baltimore, with an introduction by Dr. Cyrus Adler of the United States National Museum, Washington.

  • Papers of the Jewish Women's Congress (Jewish Publication Society of America), 1894.
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