Burgomaster of Strasburg during the Black Death, in 1348. Together with the councilors Goffe Sturm (Schöppe) and Peter Schwarber, he opposed the mob which, believing the Jews had caused the Black Death by poisoning the wells and rivers, demanded their lives. When a deputation of the citizens appeared before the council to insist upon the arrest of the Jews, Conrad energetically refused. They insolently demanded that he divide among the citizens a part of the money he had taken from the Jews for protection; whereupon Conrad arrested the whole deputation. His attitude toward the Jews was the more meritorious in that he exposed himself to the resentment of the populace, knowing clearly the consequences. Conrad and his colleagues were deposed, their property was confiscated, and they were excluded from the council for ten years.

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E. C.I. Br.
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