French Hebraist and judge; born 1800; died 1878; son of Mordecai Crémieux. He was a Talmudic scholar, and was teacher of Hebrew to the Jewish children of Aix, besides often officiating in the capacity of shoḥeṭ, mohel, and ḥazzan. In 1821 Crémieux entered upon what proved to be a successful business career, and later officiated for seventeen years as judge in the tribunal of commerce of Aix, Provence. In this capacity he was instrumental in securing the passage of the bankruptcy law which gave the assignee the right to institute legal proceedings against a corporation, the stockholders of which did not pay the amount of their shares, either in full or in part. Crémieux was one of the founders of the "Archives Israélites," and contributed to its columns, often anonymously. He was also a member of the consistory of Marseilles.

  • Archives Israélites, 1842, pp. 138, 140; 1878, pp. 140-142.
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