Wife of King Agrippa I., daughter of Phasaelus and Salampsio, and granddaughter of Herod I. She had three daughters, Berenice, Mariamne, and Drusilla; and two sons, Agrippa and Drusus, the latter dying in childhood (Josephus, "Ant." xviii. 5, § 4; idem, "B. J." ii. 11, § 6). When Agrippa I., while still a prince, was on the point of committing suicide in Idumæa because of his poverty and debts, his wife Cypros restrained him, and bade him appeal for assistance to his half-sister Herodias, Princess of Galilee ("Ant." xviii. 6, § 2). The alabarch Alexander Lysimachus, while refusing Agrippa's request for the loan of a certain sum wherewith to pay his debts, granted the money to his brave and clever wife Cypros (ib. 6, § 3).

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