One of the Neo-Hebraic poets of the beginning of the nineteenth century; lived at Lutzk, Volhynia. Delitzsch ("Zur Gesch. der Jüdischen Poesie," p. 109) mentions him as one of the Germanizing Hebrew poets of the "Bikkure ha-'Ittim " school. The poem "Ha-Biṭṭaḥon" by Czatzkes in that periodical (xi. 177) is translated from the Russian of Kheraskov, and is, according to Weissberg ("Neuhebräische Aufklärungsliteratur in Galizien," p. 53, Leipsic and Vienna, 1898), the first instance of a German Slavic Jew translating Slavonic poetry into Hebrew. Czatzkes also contributed sixteen proverbs to the above-cited volume of the "Bikkure ha'Ittim," and was the author of a song of praise, which appeared in the first edition of I. B. Lewinsohn's "Te'udah be-Yisrael."

H. R. P. Wi.
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