Prominent rabbinical scholar; lived at Avignon in the thirteenth century. Aaron b. Jacob ha-Kohen of Narbonne, his grandson, who went to Majorca in 1306, names him in his "Orḥot Ḥayyim" as the teacher of R. Eliezer ben Immanuel of Tarascon, and quotes his ritual work "Hilkot Ṭerefot" (Laws on Forbidden Food; Renan-Neubauer, "Les Rabbins Français," p. 516; compare idem, "Ecrivains Juifs Français," p. 468). In the collection of responsa which he exchanged with R. Samuel of Agde, Rabbi Eliezer often mentions David as his teacher, and quotes in his name casuistic decisions of R. Nathan of Trinquetailles (ib.). R. Eliezer's son Immanuel was the grandfather of Isaac de Lattes (Isaac of Lattes, "Sha'are," No. 74).

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