Rabbi of Narbonne, France; flourished at the end of the thirteenth century. From the fact that he speaks of R. Samuel Shekili, who was probably his master, as of one already dead, it is likely that he lived on into the fourteenth century. He wrote an important work called "Miktam" (from the Biblical ), containing the halakie decisions of the Talmud arranged in the order in which they occur in the latter. This book is often quoted in the "Orḥot Ḥayyim" of Aaron ha-Kohen, in the "Kol Bo" of David Abudarham, and in the "Bet Yosef" of Joseph Caro. In the consultations of R. Solomon b. Adret are found decisions signed "David b. Levi, author of the 'Miktam.'" David corresponded with Isaac b. Isaac of Chinon, who called him his master. A part of the "Miktam" is still extant in manuscript in the collection of Baron Günzburg; the collection of Halberstamm contained a fragment of David's commentary on Alfasi.

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