Astronomer; lived in the second half of the fourteenth century. He was a disciple of Immanuel of Tarascon (France). He translated from the Latin into Hebrew, under the title "Sefer Mishpeṭe ha-Kokabim," the astronomical and astrological work of Abu al-Ḥasan Ali ibn Abi Rijal, entitled "Al-Bari'" (The Excellent). This work was translated into-Spanish, at the request of Alfonso X., by the physician Judah ben Moses Cohen in 1256, and from the Spanish back into Latin by Gilles de Thebaldis of Parma.

Davin's translation, still extant in manuscript (Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, MS. No. 1067), is accompanied by glosses, which begin with the abbreviated form of his name— ), "And said Solomon Davin, the disciple, the translator." Davin also translated the astronomical tables of Paris, to which he added notes. This translation is still extant in manuscript (Munich MS. No. 343).

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