English painter; born in London, where, after making a tour of the galleries of Venice, Florence, and Rome, she began a systematic course of artistic study at the Bloomsbury School of Art. Her artistic career commenced in 1882, in which year she exhibited at the Society of Lady Artists. In 1887 a picture by her entitled "New Music" was hung at the Royal Academy; in 1889 she contributed to the Paris Salon; and since then has exhibited in every gallery of importance. Among her works are: "Winter Harmonies," 1887; "A Shady Seat," 1888; "The Last of the Season," 1889; "White and Gold," 1890 (exhibited at the New Gallery); "Pure Emblems of Pleasure," 1891 (Royal Academy); "Simplicité," 1892 (Paris Salon). From 1895 Miss Davis has been engaged in portrait painting, exhibiting often at the Society of Women Painters, of which she was one of the founders.

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