Archbishop of Cranganor; born at Lisbon in 1654; died at Evora Oct. 28, 1713. Doctor of theology and canon in ordinary, he was charged with a special mission at Rome. Dom Pedro II. rewarded his services by appointing him archbishop of the Indian town of Cranganor, then a Portuguese possession (1692). Diogo never occupied his archiepiscopal seat, and resigned it in 1695 to become coadjutor of the Archbishop of Evora. Besides writing several sermons and separate discourses, he was the author of "Trofeo Evangelico," a collection of sermons, Lisbon, 1693-1713. He left various works in manuscript, among them a work entitled "Turris Davidica Contra Judæos," in which he seeks to demonstrate the coming of the Messiah. The sermon preached by Diogo on the occasion of the auto da fé in Lisbon, Sept. 6, 1705, caused an animated controversy. In 1709 there appeared in Portuguese under the title "Ante Exordio" a reply by an anonymous Jew, a work which must not be confounded with the "Respuesta" in Spanish, attributed to the haham David Nieto of London. The anonymous book, according to a note in the "Antiquities of Mexico," is said to be by Isaac Nieto. On the original copies the author is given as "Carlos Vero" (pseudonym), or as "the author of 'Noticias Reconditas.'"

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  • The sermon and the Respuesta have been reprinted by Lord Kingsborough and A. Aglio, in Antiquities of Mexico, viii., Supplement, pp. 91, 117, London, 1848.
  • They have also been translated into English by Moses Mocatta, under the title The Inquisition and Judaism: A Sermon Addressed to Jewish Martyrs on the Occasion of an Auto da Fé at Lisbon, 1705, by the Archbishop of Cranganor;
  • and A Reply to the Sermon by Carlo Vero, 1845;
  • reprinted in Philadelphia by I[saac] L[eeser] 5620 (1860).
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