French physician; born at Strasburg Feb. 3, 1849; died May 5, 1903; studied in his native city, and afterward at the Paris Faculté de Médecine, where he became house surgeon in 1873, and titular physician in 1878. He was clinic superintendent for ailments of children in 1879. In 1894 he became physician at the Lariboisière Hospital. He was appointed a member of the Superior Council for Public Aid at its formation in 1888, and was mainly instrumental in securing the passage, in 1893, of the law providing free medical aid. Dreyfus-Brisac is a member of the medical commission of the Women's Union of France. At the Paris Exposition of 1900 he was appointed vice-president of the second section of the Congress of Public Aid. Among his publications are: "De l'Ictère Hémaphéique" (1878); "De l'Asphyxie Non Toxique" (1882); "Traitement du Diabète Sucré" (1894); "De la Phthisie Aiguë" (in collaboration, 1892). He is also the author of papers in the "Gazette Hebdomadaire" and elsewhere. He has been Chevalier of the Legion of Honor since 1893.

  • Curinier, Dictionnaire National.
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