By: H. Brody

Printer and corrector for the press; flourished in Prague about 1600. Abraham met with some success in authorship. He translated the Book of Ezekiel into Judæo-German rime, and printed it in his own establishment in 1602. He shows himself to have beenone of the best cultivators of that particular field of literature from which sprang the Judæo-German folk-songs.

His father, Moses ben Abraham, lived at Prague (1585-1605), being preacher and judge there, as well as author of a commentary on the Passover Haggadah, entitled "Ḥelḳat Meḥoḳeḳ" (Portion of the Lawgiver). He was employed as proof-reader in the printing establishment of Mordecai Cohen. His brothers, Judah (known also as Loeb or Loew) and Azriel, also occupied themselves with the "holy art of printing," as they styled it.

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H. B.
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