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Town in the government of Volhynia, Russia. According to the census of 1897 it had a population of 13,785, including 5,608 Jews. The chief sources of income for the latter are in trading and industrial occupations. There are 902 artisans, 147 day-laborers, 27 factory and workshop employees, and 6 families cultivate 90 deciatines of land. The town has a Jewish hospital, but no educational institutions except several ḥadarim. The earliest date given in connection with the Jews of Dubno is the beginning of the seventeenth century. In 1650 there were in Dubno 47 Jewish and 141 Christian taxable households.


The following list of Dubno rabbis extends from 1600 to the present time: Isaiah ha-Levi Hurwitz (1600-06), author of "Shene Luḥot ha-Berit." Samuel b. Aaron ha-Levi Hurwitz (1625-30), cousin of Isaiah Hurwitz. Ẓebi (Hirsch) b. Ozer, son-in-law of Abraham Ḥayyim Shor, chief rabbi of Satanow; author of . Meïr b. Moses Ashkenazi, the father of Shabbethai Kohen (ShaK); died at Dubno Nov. 25, 1649. Judah ha-Ḥasid, martyred 1649. Abraham Heilprin (1660-62), son-in-law of the physician Jehiel Michael Epstein. Naḥman b. Meïr ha-Kohen Rapoport (also called Naḥman Lifsches); died in 1674; previously rabbi of Kremenetz (Volhynia) and Belz (Galicia); took part in the Council of Four Lands at the fair of Jaroslaw. Moses b. Joseph, died at Lemberg May 22, 1684. Israel b. Mordecai Yolis (also called Israel Swinhar). Simḥah b. Naḥman ha-Kohen Rapoport, died at Szebreczin July 15, 1717; son-in-law of Israel b. Mordecai; replaced the latter in the rabbinate of Dubno from 1682 to 1688; rabbi of Grodno to 1714, of Lublin to 1717; called to the rabbinate of Lemberg in the same year; he died on his way there. Joseph b. Judah Yüdel of Lublin, died April 13, 1706; wrote a work entitled "Ne'imah Ḳedoshah," containing moral precepts and a poem for the Sabbath. Samuel b. Shalom Shakna of Cracow, died at Brody June 22, 1729. Isaac b. Saul Ginzburg (1712-15). Eleazar b. Issachar Baer of Cracow (1715-1719), maternal grandfather of Ezekiel Landau. Heschel b. Eleazar (also called R. Heschel "der Kleiner"), died July 25, 1729. Zalman Ephraim b. Saul. Abraham b. Samuel Kahana, died 1741; previously rabbi of Brody and Ostrog (Volhynia). IsaacMoses b. Abraham Kahana (d. 1745). Saul b. Aryeh Löb, born at Reischo 1717; died at Amsterdam June 19, 1790; son-in-law of Abraham Kahana and author of "Binyan Ariel" (1745-55). Naphtali Herz b. Ẓebi Hirsch (d. May 17, 1777). Ze'eb Wolf b. Naphtali Herz, born at Brody 1745; died at Dubno 1800; previously rabbi of Radzivil, Volhynia; his responsa were published in the "Tif'eret Ẓebi" of Ẓebi Hirsch, rabbi of Brody (Lemberg, 1811). Nathan ha-Levi Hurwitz. Ḥayyim Mordecai Margaliot, brother-in-law of Nathan Hurwitz and author of "Sha'are Teshubah." Ḥayyim Jacob b. Ze'eb Wolf, previously rabbi of Rovno, Volhynia; died Sept. 25, 1849. David Ẓebi Auerbach, son-in-law of Ḥayyim Jacob and author of "Malbushe Ṭaharah" (unpublished). Menahem Mendel Auerbach, son of David Ẓebi, is the present (1903) incumbent.

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