German rabbi and codifier; lived in the second half of the thirteenth century at Dueren, from which place he took his name. He was one of the leading German Talmudical authorities of his time; and his work "Sha'are Dura," on the dietary laws, is the standard code. Several high authorities who lived after him, among them Israel Isserlein, Solomon Luria, R. Nathan Shapiro, and Isserles, added to his book notes and explanations, with which it has often been published: Cracow, 1538; Venice, 1547, 1564; Constantinople, 1553; Lublin, 1575, 1699; Basel, 1599; Jessnitz, 1724; and many times in the nineteenth century.

According to Zunz, Dueren may be the Isaac b. Meïr he-Ḥasid ("the Pious") who wrote "Tiḳḳun Sheṭarot," a work containing the forms and laws of documents and deeds. It is still extant in manuscript in the Vienna Royal Library.

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