Hungarian educator and writer; born at Szilágy-Nagyfalu in 1825; died at Budapest Dec. 27, 1894. After teaching in various cities, he established himself in Budapest (1867), and devoted his time to literary work.

His published works are: a Hungarian grammar, written under the pseudonym "Erényi Mór"; "Kleine Deutsche Sprachlehre," Budapest, 1865; "Jüdische Charakterbilder," Sâros-Patak, 1866; a Hebrew-Hungarian dictionary to the five books of Moses, Sâros-Patak, 1868: "Jüdisches Familienbuch," Budapest, 1888; "Der Geist des Talmud," ib. 1888; "Rezeption und Orthodoxie," ib. 1892. He also wedited the magazines "Jüdische Volksschule" (Arad) and "Das Traditionelle Judenthum" (Budapest), the latter under the pseudonym "Dr. Freund."

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