Russian educator and rabbi; born in Mitau, Courland, Sept. 20, 1837. In 1858 he became teacher of the Hebrew language and religion at the Jewish government school in Friedrichstadt, Courland. In 1861 he studied at Berlin under Michael Sachs, who employed him as teacher for his children. He spent three years at Berlin University, and in 1868 received his degree of Ph.D. from Halle.

He then taught at the Religionsschule in Berlin until 1870, when he became rabbi of Neudenberg, East Prussia; eighteen months later he returned to his old post in Berlin; in 1872 he was elected government rabbi of Riga, but the election was not confirmed; and in 1876 he was placed by the Russian government at the head of the Jewish school in Riga. This position he held for about twenty years. Ehrlich is now (1903) rabbi of Tilsit, Prussia.

Ehrlich has written: "De Judicio ab Aristotele de Republica Platonica," Berlin, 1872; "Vaterland und Landesvater," three sermons, St. Petersburg, 1883; "Le-Regel ha-Yeladim," a Hebrew primer, Wilna, 1883; and "Entwickelungsgeschichte der Jüdischen Gemeindeschule zu Riga, ein Beitrag zur Culturgeschichte," St. Petersburg, 1894. He has also written critical notes to the "Be'er Mikael" of his teacher, Michael Sachs.

  • Sefer Zikkaron, pp. 81-82, Warsaw, 1891.
H. R. P. Wi.
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