Fictitious author of an ancient work on alchemy published in Leipsic in 1760, and bearing the title "R. Abrahami Eleazaris Uraltes Chymisches Werk." The real author seems to have been Julius Gervasius of Schwarzburg, whose name is given as the editor on the title-page of the first part. In the preface it is stated that Abraham took not only his alchemistic notions, but also the illustrations, from the copper tablets of Tubal Cain. The edition of 1760 is said on the titlepage to be the second. The second part also pretends to be by Abraham Eleazar, who asserts that he merely reproduces what was engraved upon the copper tablets by a certain Jew, Samuel Baruch. It is further stated that the original was written in Latin, Arabic, Chaldaic, and Syriac.

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