ABRAHAM OF PRZEMYSL (pronounced pshêmishl):

Polish rabbi who flourished about the close of the seventeenth century; son of Judah Loeb, rabbi of Ulanov, in Galicia. At an early age he went to Fürth, in Germany, with the intention of publishing his father's work, "'Eẓ Kol Peri" (Trees of Every Fruit), but encouraged by the court agent, Model, son of Amshel of Ansbach, he published instead his own work, "Petaḥ ha-Ohel" (Entrance of the Tent). It consists of two parts, the first, an alphabetical collection of popular haggadic subjects, mostly selections from homiletic and cabalistic works, which were eagerly read in those times; the second, an alphabetical arrangement of difficult and much disputed legal points in the Talmud and the casuistic works. Abraham of Przemysl was related to Joel Heilprin, rabbi of Lemberg.

  • Michael, Or ha-Ḥayyim, No. 113.
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