Rabbi of Schottland, near Danzig; born in 1713; died Sept. 27, 1780. At the age of eighteen he became rabbi of Fordon, Prussia, and in 1752 first rabbi of Schottland. He wrote various Talmudic commentaries and "ḥilluḳim," or discussions, as well as commentaries to the four "Ṭurim," but, with the following exceptions, they have not been published: "Sidre Ṭohorah," novellæ on the laws of Niddah in the Yoreh De'ah; "Ḥiddud Halakot," novellæ on the Niddah; "Shiyyure Ṭohorah," novellæ on the laws of "ṭebilah," or immersion, in the Yoreh De'ah (all published by Judah Löb b. Elhanan, Berlin, 1783). The "Or ha-Yashar" of Aaron Simeon b. Jacob Abraham contains two responsa of Elhanan b. Samuel.

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L. G. M. Sel.
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