American rabbi; born at Eydtkuhnen, Germany, 1867; educated at Jews' College (1880-90), University College, London ("Hollier Scholar," 1886), and at London University (B.A., 1885). Elzas moved to Toronto, Canada (1890), where he entered the university and graduated (1893). He entered the Medical College of the State of South Carolina (1896), and graduated in medicine and pharmacy (1900-01).

His first ministerial charge was over the Holy Blossom synagogue, Toronto, Canada (1890); thence he went to Sacramento, Cal. (1893). In 1894 he accepted the call of the Beth Elohim congregation of Charleston, S. C., of which he is still the incumbent. Elzas published "The Sabbath-School Companion" (1895-96), to which he contributed a number of articles, which have been collected and reprinted under the title "Judaism: an Exposition," Charleston, 1896. He has recently (1903) printed pamphlets on "The History of K. K. Beth Elohim of Charleston" and "The Jews of South Carolina."

A. F. H. V.
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