Belgian botanist; born at Laeken, Belgium, Sept. 4, 1858; died at Brussels, Aug. 1, 1905. He was educated first at the Athénée Royale and later at the University of Brusselsand at the universities of Strasburg, Bonn, and Würzburg; privet-docent of botany (1883), assistant professor (1885), and professor (1890) at the University of Brussels; now (1903) also director of the Botanical Institute of Brussels. He was elected in 1887 a corresponding member of the Académie Royale des Sciences de Belgique, and full member in 1898. He is the author of "Les Juifs Russes: Extermination ou Emancipation?" to which Mommsen contributed a prefatory letter, Brussels, 1893; 2d ed., 1903 (Eng. transl. "The Russian Jews," London, 1894). In 1897 Errera published, with Emile Laurent, "Planches de Physiologie Végétale." A series of university lectures given by him at Brussels were published (1897) under the title "Existe-t-il une Force Vitale?" (2d ed. 1898, 3d ed. 1899, 6th ed. 1902). His father, Jacques Errera, who was born at Venice July 20, 1834, and died at Vivier d'Oye, near Brussels, Dec. 12, 1880, was a banker, and Italian consul-general in Brussels.

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