Oriental Jewish family which has produced several rabbinical authors; takes its name from "Strumnitza" in Macedonia.

Daniel Estrumsa:

Rabbi and Talmudist; died at Salonica (?) in 1654. A pupil of Rabbi Mordecai Ḳala'i, he became a rabbi of Salonica and chief of the Portuguese yeshibah there. He wrote: "Magen Gibborim," responsa, arranged in the order of the Shulḥan 'Aruk, and published by his grandson, Daniel b. Isaac Estrumsa (Salonica, 1753); Talmudical notes on the "Kol ha-Ẓelamim" of the 'Abodah Zarah, included in the "Ben le-Abraham" of Ḥayyim Abraham Estrumsa (1826); Responsa, included in Solomon ibn Ḥason's "Bet Shelomoh" (1719); "Shemot Giṭṭin," on the spelling of proper nouns in divorce bills, included in Ḥayyim Abraham Estrumsa's "Yerek Abraham"; a collection of marginal notes on Ṭur Ḥoshen Mishpaṭ, included in the "Doresh Mishpaṭ" of Solomon b. Samuel Florentin (1655).

From Estrumsa's yeshibah a number of well-known Eastern rabbis graduated, among them being David Conforte, author of "Ḳore ha-Dorot."

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L. G. N. T. L.Ḥayyim Abraham Estrumsa (called also Rab ha-Zaḳen):

Chief rabbi of Serres; died about 1824.He wrote "Yerek Abraham," responsa; and "Ben le-Abraham," a treatise of a casuistic nature. Both works were printed at Salonica (the former in 1820, the latter in 1826).

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