German neuropathist and electrotherapist; born Aug. 10, 1840, in Berlin; son of the physician Moritz Michael Eulenburg (1811-87). He received his education at the gymnasium of Berlin and the universities at Bonn, Zurich, and Berlin, and received his doctorate in 1861.

From 1863 to 1866 Eulenburg was assistant and later chief physician of the hospital of the university at Greifswald, where he was also admitted as privatdocent in 1864. As army surgeon he took part in the campaigns of 1866 and 1870-71, receiving the Iron Cross for non-combatants. From 1867 to 1873 he practised in Berlin, being attached to the clinical staff of the university hospital from 1869-71. In 1874 he was appointed professor at the university of Greifswald and director of the pharmacological institution, which positions he resigned in 1882, when he moved to Berlin, where he opened a private hospital for nervous diseases. In 1890 he became assistant professor at the university of Berlin, and in 1896 he received the title of "Geheimer Medizinalrath."

Eulenburg is an authority on nervous diseases. He is the editor of the well-known "Realencyklopädie der Gesammten Heilkunde," a standard work which was published in 15 vols. by Urban und Schwarzenberg, Vienna, 1880-83 (2d ed. 1885-90, 22 vols.; 3d ed. 1893-1901, in 27 vols.); a supplementary volume, entitled "Encyklopädische Jahrbücher," appears annually. Besides this great work, Eulenburg has written: "Die Hypodermatische Injection der Arzneimittel," Berlin, 1864; 3d ed. 1875; "Lehrbuch der Nervenkrankheiten auf Physiologischer Basis," ib. 1871; 2d ed. 1878; together with Paul Guttmann, "Die Physiologie und Pathologie des Sympathicus," ib. 1873, a work which, republished in London in 1879, received the Astley-Cooper prize; "Die Hydroelectrischen Bäder," Vienna, 1883; "Sexuale Neuropathie," Leipsic, 1895.

He is also the editor of the "Handbuch der Allgemeinen Therapie und der Therapeutischen Methodic," Berlin and Vienna, 1898-99, and, since the death of Samuel Guttmann in 1895, joint editor, with J. Schwalbe, of the "Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift."

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