EVANS, SAMUEL (Young Dutch Sam):

English pugilist; born in London Jan. 30, 1801; died of consumption Nov. 4, 1843. Evans' first encounter in the prize-ring took place at Knowle Hill, Maidenhead, Berkshire, July 5, 1825, when he beat Ned Stockman in seventeen rounds. His next match was with Harry Jones, whom he defeated at Sheremere, Bedfordshire, Oct. 18, 1825. These two victories were succeeded by others in 1826 and 1827. Then followed two more victories: the first, over Jack Martin, which took place at Knowle Hill, Berkshire, Nov. 4, 1828, and ended in the sixteenth round; the second, over Ned Neale, "a youth," at Ludlow, April 7, 1829, which terminated in the seventy-first round. On Jan. 18, 1831, Evans and Neale met again, Evans defeating his opponent in fourteen rounds, which occupied fifty-two minutes. His next victory was over Tom Gaynor of Bath, which took place June 24, 1834, near Andover, in the seventeenth round.

Evans' career as a pugilist is remarkable for the number of victories he achieved.

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J. F. H. V.
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