City in Portugal, and the seat of the rabbi of the province of Alemtejo. When the bride-elect of Don Alfonso, the only son of King John II., entered Evora (Nov. 27, 1490), the Jews of the city met her in solemn procession and presented her with gifts of cows, sheep, hens, etc. It was at Evora, in 1497, that King Manuel issued the decree commanding that all Jewish children under fourteen years of age should be forcibly taken from their parents on Easter Sunday and distributed in various parts of the country, to be educated in the Christian faith. In April, 1506, the synagogue was demolished by the populace. Many wealthy Maranos were living there when the institution of the Inquisition was solemnly proclaimed (Oct. 22, 1536). In 1542 it began its work in Evora, and one of the first to be brought to the stake was David Reubeni (see Auto Da Fé ; Inquisition).

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